Sunday, July 03, 2005

The weekend is over. It was hectic. I didn't even get time enough to close the door of my room and sit back. Relax. Saw a lot of movies, though.

Have been wasting a lot of time at trying to start accounting. I tried out lots of software. Nothing worked out. I need something simple.

Walking on the wet grass is fun. Am avoiding adjectives today - was working on a script for a documentary, was full of adjectives and verbal bouquets.

With the unavailability of time, poetry bangs against the wall and waits. I don't feel bad. I think of how the monsoon is another act of exremism. From draught to flood in two weeks!

Was talking to someone yesterday about some of my public art ideas for Ahmedabad. I was sipping tea. I forgot to pay the bill. It was raining outside. I wanted to buy a notebook for keeping my accounts. No stationary shop was open.

When there is no time to think, what does thought get translated into.

I took off 20 post-its from my wall. They were making me think too much of to-dos and I was doing nothing. Now I realize, my wall is ligght brown in colour. With a hint of yellow thrown in.

M. called my painting an expensive hobby. I didn't argue. I didn't defend. I didn't define.

What does it matter? I don't eat pizza at pizza hut. I paint.


At 10:56 PM, Blogger Eden said...

Is the rain a drizzle or is it a downpour? Are you near the flooding (sorry for my geographical ignorance).

Kishkes are guts, your intestines. It's Yiddish. Sometimes Yiddish says things the best way, for me. More Yiddish: A drizzle is a shvitz. "It's shviting outside). Also, to shvitz is to sweat, for example, "Oy, I feel shvitzy".

I think I have wrapped my identity up in my hair. So silly. I woke up the next day, and I was fine. Maybe was due for a complete emotional breakdown. Complete. Yes, I think it was building, and my hair threw me over the edge.

We leave for Hawaii on Tuesday!! I'm excited! And nervous. Prayas, I am always nervous.

And now, I am thinking of you and all of the laughs we shared. It was sort of magical, many times, when I was feeling low, you would appear and we would talk, figuring good things out. Super.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger prayas said...

the rain is a downpour! the roads are drenched and smashed up, rooms are humid and smelly...

yiddish sounds interesting. teach me some!

have a good time in hawaii!

will you be online much, there? been thinking of you too. I miss the freedom we shared!!


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