Thursday, June 23, 2005

I want to make a curtain which looks like the essential parts of the mess I have created.

The mess I have created, painted nonsense all over the sky. Is a result of the allowances I have given myself, they way I have allowed myself to feel everything which pains me.

This Satuday is a holiday. What will I do? Maybe I will sit at liesure and stare at the wall of my room. A million post-its stuck all over it? Maybe the post-its will be fluttering, waving with the wind. But then maybe they will be still. Silent as the ideas written on them.

My new canvas has been waiting for me for a few days now. Can't seem to muster the courage to attack it, disfiguire it. Create a mess again.

From one mess to another. What does it matter?

I won't talk as if I am telling you things, which happen in my life. Again and again and again.

I'd rather bounce words off your ears and see how they sound. Your ears are rabbit-ears. You have no sense of time and place. In the middle of June you wait for the rain with an open ubrella. No open umbrella will get wet, without the rain.

I want to fill my BA form today at the open-university. What do you think will make more sense, Sociology or Political Science? Political Science can take me ten steps in the direction of becoming an ace speach writer for the next PM-A-Large... :) Maybe?


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